Party Aspect Cheat Sheet


Traveling Zephyrmancer
Uncontrollable Tempest
Can’t Be Tied Down
Any Way the Wind Blows
Naivety Shattered
I’ve Seen Too Much
Deadly Curiosity


Traveling Pyro Performer
Mighty But Unreliable Power
Mischievous Troublemaker
Life on the Road
Catch Me if You Can
Prone to Collateral Damage
Blinded by the Light


Half-Banshee Death Metal Singer
My Voice: Beautiful but Deadly
An Honest Accident
You Can’t Cheat Death
Wail of the Banshee: Explicit Lyrics
When a Tree Falls in the Forest
Can’t Leave a Bro Hanging


White Court Virgin Runaway
I Just Want People to be Happy
Love For My Sister
Who, Me? I’m a Rock Star!
Competitive Nature
Empath Savant
Problems With Authority

Angelique Saint Clair

Dominant Porn-Star White Court Vampire
Mother Trying to Kill Me
Alone at the Head of the Pack
Number 3 Most Downloaded Starlet
One Terratorial Bitch
Sibling Loyalty
Enemy of my Enemy

Party Aspect Cheat Sheet

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