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Welcome to a Supernatural Little Rock

Little Rock, Capital of the Natural State, the most deluded small town in the country, and among the most unimportant locations on the planet, socially, academically, culturally, and supernaturally.

Or is it?

Something is stirring in the Capital of the Natural State. Ancient powers not seen in our world are gathering, the old, minor powers in Little Rock are getting spooked, outside powers are showing new interest, and Little Rock’s relative unimportance up until now has left it without any form of guardian or champion. In absence of such a person, those gathered in the town for the upcoming Riverfest and one laying low in the state must take up the role. if not for what is right, then for their own survival.

Two truly magical magicians, two supernatural rock stars, and the leader of a minor family of the White Court have now gathered to ensure that the upcoming Riverfest will come and go without the world coming unspun, and the problem loose thread seems to be somewhere around Riverfront Park.

Home Page

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