Little Rock

City-Wide Themes and Threats

Theme: Small town old folk strain against the dreams of a new generation.
Aspect: Small town with big city dreams.
Faces: Sarah Reed – Spearhead of the Downtown Renaissance, restaurant owner.
Aaron Strong – Old money white-flighter, conservative political lobbyist.

Theme: Authority would rather assume the status quo survives than consider changing with the times.
Aspect: Immovable old guard of authority.
Faces: Sgt. David Ray – Police Sergent, non-believer.

Threat: Old-world sensibilities and new-age lack of patience makes Little Rock ripe for the picking.
Aspect: Unprepared for the coming darkness.
Faces: Tasha Strong – Daughter of Aaron Strong, warlock, leader of the Centennial Sisters.
Duke Vincent Coolidge – Red Court Duke, establishing new power base, business entrepreneur and investor, specializing in land development.
Arthur Clint – Clued in noncombatant. Repair guy at local small car service center.

The Status Quo

Supernatural: The Faerie Courts continue to have violent back and forth, neither court able to hold ground long. This conflict has made Little Rock less than appetizing until recent years. Now, with so many forces tied up in conflict, and so many factions scrabbling for ground where they can, Little Rock’s complacency has drawn new dark forces to it’s doorstep.

Mundane: New generations of children struggle against the more conservative mind set of the powers in authority. Upper-middle class whites flee at a crawl west, leaving older developments to crumble behind them, while money is siphoned away from maintaining older parts of town and concessions for the lower class to pay for new developments farther away from town.


Theme: Cathedral of Saint Andrew
The Idea: Not clued in, but yet the oldest Catholic church in Little Rock.
Aspect: Old faith, modern sensibilities.
The Face: Jason Horne – Secretary, only member of the church willing to help in the war on weird, though not clued in.

Theme: Riverfront Park
The Idea: Home of the Little Rock, a lesser aspect of the Stone Tablet, home of a once-in-a-blue-moon battle for the surrounding lands. Recent development hasn’t allowed the battle to happen, hence the wild weather.
Aspect: Fae landmark battleground and power nexus.

Little Rock

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